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Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Blue Sapphire Pendant

Published on Jul 05, 2020

Perhaps the most precious gemstone to come out of the luxurious Corundum mineral family would be the Blue Sapphire which is popularly known as Neelam in India. The enchanting azure of this Sapphire has entrapped humanity ever since it was first discovered. This gemstone of royalty has been long considered one of the most powerful and quickest-acting astrological gemstones in the world. But the elegance and regality of the jewelry made with Blue Sapphire have a charm that can make you forget about diamonds! Available in various fascinating options, Blue Sapphire jewelry is immensely popular for both fashion and astrological purposes. Every now and then you will notice your favorite celebrity rocking a Neelam pendant! If these are not reasons enough for you to get yourself your own Blue Sapphire pendant , we at GemPundit have compiled a list just for you!

Blue Sapphire Pendant

Blue Sapphire Pendant for Your Astrological Needs

Wearing a Blue Sapphire pendant can bring instant fame and fortune into your life, and will inculcate discipline, patience, and the courage to work hard. It can also improve the condition of your bones, your mind, and enhance your senses. A Blue Sapphire pendant is one of the best options if you are getting one for astrological purposes. For astrological purposes, Blue Sapphires must be worn in more than 2 carats. All the Blue Sapphire pendants are embedded with gemstones that bear the weight of 4.73 carats to make them more effective and beneficial. Pairing it with lustrous Silver and wearing it on early Saturday mornings will incorporate the positive effects of Blue Sapphire in your life. At GemPundit, you can find the best quality natural Blue Sapphire pendant for your astrological needs.

Blue Sapphire Pendant in the Most Attractive Designs

At GemPundit, our Blue Sapphire pendants are studded with stones that are flawless and bear the stunning cornflower blue color. They exhibit the inherent shine that the Blue Sapphire is popularly known for. A Blue Sapphire pendant would be an addition to your wardrobe that you will never regret! With one of the largest collections of attractive designs that come paired with lustrous metals such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, a Blue Sapphire pendant is one of the trendiest jewelry ornaments out there today. The most popular designs include the Blue Sapphire heart pendant, a Blue Sapphire cross pendant, and pear shaped Sapphire pendant. At GemPundit, you can also get your dream design custom made. Our team of skilled CAD designers displays the finest craftsmanship that will make sure that your design comes out just how you want it!

Blue Sapphire Pendant of the Finest Quality

Blue Sapphire pendants have been in high demand since ages. It is the timeless and pristine beauty of this mesmerizing piece of jewelry that has helped it become a favorite amongst gemstone connoisseurs and jewelers alike. However, at GemPundit, we value the quality of our gemstones over anything else. You can browse through our wide collection of the finest quality Blue Sapphire gemstones, certified to be authentic and of the highest quality by renowned gemstone laboratories such as IGI, Gubelin, GRS, GII, C. Dunaigre, etc. The lustrous precious metals that we use to make the pendants are also verified to be of the finest quality. Be it a Blue Sapphire pendant for men or for women, GemPundit offers only high-quality jewelry that has gone through rigorous quality testing.

Personalised Gemstone Consultation

GemPundit has a team of learned astrologer who will guide you in choosing the most suitable astrological gemstones on the basis of your birth-details.

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